Corner window for more transparency in your house

They break the massive abdominal character; ensure maximum light output and lightness - thus corner windows combine an interesting look with practical benefits. But because they are exposed to the weather conditions more than ordinary types of windows, they must have good thermal insulation values.

More light = more living comfort

Corner windows are particularly suitable for use in the rooms in which the residents live most - so for living room, kitchen and study. The main advantage of this special type of window is that it lets in a lot of sunlight, which is much more pleasant than artificial light. And by the way, they guarantee an excellent view.

Style question: With corner posts or without

There are currently two variants of the corner windows: Corner windows were only recently manufactured with corner posts. Meanwhile, you will find models where the corner post is designed as a full glass corner. This completely glazed corner joint increases the amount of light by up to 30%, whereby the thermal insulation values are slightly worse compared to the corner post construction.


Corner area requires special construction

Corner windows are a real win for any facade, but they require special design and design solutions due to their location. This concerns especially the correct sealing between corner posts and window frames. If the heat insulation at this point to perform poorly, it comes to

• Thermal bridges
• Heat loss
• Condensation formation.

In order to avoid these potential dangers, special corner-window systems have been developed which ensure optimum temperature distribution in the frame profile and on its surface. This system stability is of great importance, especially for large corner glazing.
In such cases, we rely in the window construction on fasteners with additional steel reinforcement. This not only gives you good thermal protection, but also ensures enormous dimensional stability.

With good planning you avoid bad buys

Not only visual appeal counts for the purchase of corner windows - also the frame size, glazing type and window position influence the installation and the costs of corner windows. With our checklist you prevent a bad buy (and nasty surprises in the heating bill):

Frame size affects the price

Corner windows often give the impression of floating freely. This effect is especially good for smaller, thin frames. The following applies: The more delicate the frame, the higher the demands on the window -Stability - and the higher is usually the price! For the corner window to be stable, it is usually plastered with the wall.

Multiple glazing is a must

Corner windows do not work without multi-pane glazing. The glazing in this case is not only responsible for the incidence of light, but also for stability and heat loss. In order to keep this low, we recommend: Pay attention to high-quality multi-pane insulating glass - and rely on laminated safety glass as additional burglary protection!

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